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Transcribing in a cemetery with the "Magic Button"- IOS Feature

Many times you might take a photo of a headstone and it is perfectly readable in the cemetery, but when you get home it's nearly impossible to read. 

Enter...the magic button on the iphone. 

In order to get to this feature on the app, you take a photo and click on the pencil in the corner of your screen.  This allows you to transcribe a photo on the spot!

Enter in the information or you can click the magic button and the iphone keyboard opens with your microphone.  

Click on the microphone and read into your phone what the headstone says.

When you get home, to transcribe your difficult to read photos the information should be saved to the notes box. 

Thanks Anna,
I haven't tried the 'magic' button yet, but I'll give it a try during my next cemetery visit as I often come across difficult to read headstones.


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I tried the magic button today and transcribed on the spot.  Excellent tool for difficult to read inscriptions.  I have yet to try the microphone though.  Great tip.

On my iPhone with iOS 12, the transcribe feature shows on the phone, but does not carry into the website when uploaded.

Another thread says it should save the data in the NOTES field (rather than in the correct transcription fields).

If it doesn't carry into the proper fields, it's not really transcribing those fields, you're just recording a note (which is fine, but the app should not imply it's recording the various fields).

Either way, it's not uploading any text for me.  Is this a known issue - maybe with iOS12?

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