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Uploaded images from my computer to BG but on Dashboard it show 0 images uploaded? Why?

When I have uploaded images that I have taken with my camera or cell phone it shows up on BG in the Cemetery, but does not show up as images uploaded or counted images in a cemetery. Why is this?

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Hi BG beginner, 

I think you will find the Dashboard only counts photo's that have been taken with the BG app and contain GPS .location for the grave. If you are uploading supplementary pics taken with your DSLR camera then these are not counted in the dashboard. If you are uploading photos taken with the app with GPS data and have this problem with dashboard totals then perhaps you should contact BG Support. This Community board is made up of volunteer users like yourself who cannot fix problems with the BG website and can only offer help and advice about how to cope with it.


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We are very different from other websites. We love any photos taken, but consider photos taken with our app to be the prime records we are looking for.  Why is this?  Because they have a GPS tag on them. 

When people use our app in a cemetery, we want them to be able to find their loved ones in a hurry. With other sites you may see photos in a cemetery.  However, this relationship is built on trust. You want to trust the photo was indeed taken in that cemetery, but how do you really know? BillionGraves takes this scenario out of the picture. When people take photos with the BillionGraves App you know the photo is in the correct cemetery and location. This is why these records are considered primary sources and other photos taken outside of the app are called supporting records, as these support the ones taken with the app. 

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Well this is disappointing, I took quite a few photos with my Canon camera & now I find I cannot load them anywhere.  My iPhone ;is probably too old for the app & I don't get to Texada very often to retake the photos.  Not that many graves in this cemetery......  Guess it will have to wait another year or so to load family & other gravesites.  Not sure why you need GPS for each grave as you already have GPS for the cemetery.  Disappointed & sad

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You can still load them on the cemetery page.  The cemetery page will have a button that states: "Add Headstone Images".  These will still be searchable, but will be supporting records instead of prime.  These will also be searchable within the cemetery.  

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The app freezes my phone completely and I have to do a hard reboot to get the phone working again. I have hundreds of headstone photo's taken on the phone without using the app and noted that they just don't appear in the My Photo's section and the my email to support just results in an auto response to use the Help center. Shame as it means that other headstone sites will gain photographs and BillionGraves will not - I have noticed a lack of images (and a lot of missing cemeteries) on here that are available elsewhere as I will not be buying a new phone anytime soon especially as BG App is the only one that causes issues.

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@bacrog- When they are uploaded on the cemetery page scroll down to the very bottom of the main cemetery page. You will see an album for the cemetery. Photos taken outside of the app will have an orange border around them. This means they are photos taken outside of the app. We love these photos too, and appreciate those people who send these into us. We understand that people may have taken hundreds of photos of old stones and cemeteries that are no longer there!  

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@AYoung - yes I can see that the images appear on the page, but frustrating that they do not appear in my account dashboard and cannot be found unless I upload another photograph. Even more irritating is that the uploaded photographs are not registered on the cemetery page i.e., number of headstones and number of transcriptions as currently it makes it look as if it is just a bunch of images at the bottom with no actual transcriptions or records - when that is not the case at all !!

Also find the inability to 'link' relatives whose graves are next to each other frustrating, as is not being able to create a proper record for a known burial without a headstone photograph. 

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I am having this same issue and find it very frustrating.  I would definitely prefer to use the app but in many areas in Maine around me I can get NO cell service and therefore the app won't work, so I take the pictures with my phone and spend hours transferring them to the website and transcribing and then it looks like there are no graves photographed.  Seems like there should be a total count of records and then specify whether it is an app record or other.

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@mjwade-Place a feature request in for this issue!  We are currently discussing as a team how we can best reflect supporting records in on the website. If they hear from enough users, perhaps this can be pushed forward a bit. I am unsure of what type of phone you are using, but you do not have to have cell service to use the app. I have been in some very rural and rough terrain using the app with no problems. ( Rural West Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and kin loved to be out in the middle of nowhere) In the app click on the gear icon. In the iphone, (I'm not sure if this works in the Android) turn off the auto upload feature. This allows you to take as many photos as you would like without the hassle of  cell phone service. When you get back to civilization with wifi, click on photos, scroll down to the bottom and it will give the number of photos waiting to be uploaded, and a yellow button. Click on the button and watch the number count backwards until the button disappears. When the button is gone, the photos have been uploaded. 

I tried this out on a cemetery close by first, and it has worked like a charm for me! When you are in a cemetery and are not getting the GPS location, give your phone a minute or two to hook up to one of the many satellites...It does work quite well.  (The county I was in on my trip to West Virginia had no cell service for miles...  ;) )

Here was some of rural cemeteries I was in:

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I agree with mjwade, it makes far more sense if the number of ALL the images and records are listed in the cemetery count. 

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This is currently something we are working on. Perhaps you can place a feature request in for this issue!

Cementerio Parroquial de Dalcahue without images!!

Take about 152 photos, but not display en BG.

Please help.

@Solestam I am not seeing the images in the cemetery.  Did you upload them from your device?  In order to get them on the website, they need to be uploaded. 

@AYoung - I am on a road trip with my wife in a caravan travelling down the coast of NSW in Australia. We are passionate about BG and are checking cemeteries in the towns we are staying in to see if any photos are on BG. We have stopped in Murwillumbah (NSW) and found there are 3 cemeteries with 0 graves on BG. We took more than 130 images of graves on our IPhone (with GPS) and then tried to upload them. All that happened is a spinning action saying it was uploading....left it to upload all night but in the morning none had been upoaded. I then went into my photos taken and clicked on edit - I selected 12 photos and clicked on "Re-upload" appears to have sent them as a counter clocked down and then disappeared. I repeated this until all 130+ photos were re-uploaded. When I log into BG on my computer nothing comes up for that cemetery in BG. My phone also provides no recognition that any photos are uploaded.

We moved down to Bellingen (near Coffs Harbour in NSW, Australia) and photographed 107 graves in a cemetery here -  same problems.  Can you check my account and see if my method is actually getting the photos through. It is very frustrating if we are wasting our time photographing graves if they aren't being received at BG.

Thank you in anticipation of your help,

Stephen Hansford


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