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Uploaded images from my computer to BG but on Dashboard it show 0 images uploaded? Why?

When I have uploaded images that I have taken with my camera or cell phone it shows up on BG in the Cemetery, but does not show up as images uploaded or counted images in a cemetery. Why is this?

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@Shansford- I forwarded this right away to our support team. They should contact you with directions. Typically this happens when the app needs to be updated. 

I uploaded a family headstone and I was not given the opportunity to add a title plus the information.  Why did this happen and how can I get the information added?

@qplady0831  Please check out our topics on this at the help desk. You will need to transcribe these records. There are many how to articles on this at the help desk.

I fully understand that BG is built on the integrity that the photos taken with the app show where the photo was taken, when, etc. and someone cannot minipulate the exit data of an image that was taken using the app. 

This is done for QUALITY CONTROL. 

BUT, due to my work background, I also know, that GPS accuracy on any device, is only as good as the quality or grade of that device, and also depends on the settings being used, plus whether the smartphone was calibrated properly, whether it's a day with a heavy overcast and the least know fact of what type, if any, cellular zone the cemetery is actually located in! 

I have YET to be able to ACTUALLY use the BG app in a Cemetery!!! 

BECAUSE it ALWAYS crashes after the first photo... IF it takes ut at all.. 

THEN, I waste time and battery power just to end up giving up, and taking REGULAR photos with my son's or husband's smartphone! 

As I pointed out in the previous paragraph... I get the the whole keeping the integrity issue... 

BUT...  if I can stand in a location where there is NO Cellular service, after taking a photograph (which is imprinted with the GPS location) and I can ten TEXT that image from that very spot that has NO Cellular service, then WHY can't the app be set up to do the same? 

Our smartphones are smarter than they let on! and yes, certain location services are for emergency geo-location use... 

Sorry for the rant here... but I seem to not be the only volunteer that's frustrated! 

@ Nash-Rodovid  We are sorry you are frustrated. I have taken photos in the most remote parts of the United States without any problems using the iphone 5s, 6s, and 7.  Most of these locations do not even have cell service. (I'll show you how below.) 

When the app crashes this is usually one of two things. It relates to either not being signed in to the app using your account or the phone may be too old (as we have no control over the opperating systems of each device.) 

You would be very surprised at how many applications can be used in cemeteries with GPS markers. Let's say you are ariving at a cemetery marked with GPS and want to leave flowers on the grave of a loved one, can vaguely remember the location, and are kind of pressed for time. (We all are right?) If this is on a Sunday, you will be hard pressed to find anyone in the office who can direct you to the correct location. If you put this information into the app, you can walk directly to the site within minutes. You can't do this with any other website. As a genealogist, I have found graves in huge cemeteries due to the efforts of our volunteers. This is an awesome experience!

If you would like to know how to take photos in remote locations, it all starts here.... turn off auto upload in your settings. This will allow the phone to save the GPS location without needing cell service. (Typically you need to wait a couple of minutes before the satellite can be picked up. ) Once you are back to civilization with WIFI access, upload the photos. I NEVER upload while in a cemetery. It takes too long, and I am not that patient! 

When I take pictures with the billion graves app, the pictures in my iphone do not have GPS tags, so I prefer not to use the billiongraves app for taking pictures. Instead, I take regular pictures with the GPS tags and upload them to BillionGraves.

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