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Uploaded images from my computer to BG but on Dashboard it show 0 images uploaded? Why?

When I have uploaded images that I have taken with my camera or cell phone it shows up on BG in the Cemetery, but does not show up as images uploaded or counted images in a cemetery. Why is this?

Hi BG beginner, 

I think you will find the Dashboard only counts photo's that have been taken with the BG app and contain GPS .location for the grave. If you are uploading supplementary pics taken with your DSLR camera then these are not counted in the dashboard. If you are uploading photos taken with the app with GPS data and have this problem with dashboard totals then perhaps you should contact BG Support. This Community board is made up of volunteer users like yourself who cannot fix problems with the BG website and can only offer help and advice about how to cope with it.


We are very different from other websites. We love any photos taken, but consider photos taken with our app to be the prime records we are looking for.  Why is this?  Because they have a GPS tag on them. 

When people use our app in a cemetery, we want them to be able to find their loved ones in a hurry. With other sites you may see photos in a cemetery.  However, this relationship is built on trust. You want to trust the photo was indeed taken in that cemetery, but how do you really know? BillionGraves takes this scenario out of the picture. When people take photos with the BillionGraves App you know the photo is in the correct cemetery and location. This is why these records are considered primary sources and other photos taken outside of the app are called supporting records, as these support the ones taken with the app. 

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