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Relatives profiles "marked private"

I am getting errors when I try to look at my great-grandparents' memorials. The error states:

Restricted Record 

The record for Roseltha Broderick (Pearce) has been made private and can only be viewed by registered BillionGraves users.

To see this record please go to register or login.

I am getting this error while logged in to my account at BillionGraves.

This is NOT a bug. At some point a family member wanted this headstone marked private.  This means that only certain people can view the headstone. Toby, you may want to ask an Aunt, Uncle or Cousin if they indeed want this to be a private record. If not, email me in and I will removed the privacy code...

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Anna - without looking at the memorial, I can't tell who may have requested for it to be restricted. This applies to headstones for both of my great-grandparents, Clinton J. Broderick and Roseltha Pearce Broderick. They had a fairly large posterity so I'm not sure who to contact to confirm whether this was requested purposefully and why.

Is this a BillionGraves policy based on privacy or year of death? Just curious why headstones from so many years ago would be restricted. This information is broadly available on Find A Grave and through other sites like Ancestry and FamilySearch. Thanks for looking into it.

Usually when a family requests it from us, these are either deleted altogether of marked as private.  I do not have a record of just who requested this.  However, I will mark it public for now, as it is also on other websites. 

Thank you very much!

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