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Is there a way to add supporting documents to an entire cemetery?

In the 1920's the Alabama Power Company flooded several old cemeteries as they were creating a reservoir here in central Alabama. They recorded the names of the people whose graves they moved, and we've been able to locate one of the cemeteries the graves were moved to. However only five of the graves in that were marked at the time (out of about 300), and now (2018) only three of those markers are definitely identified and legible. How would I upload the burial listing and other supporting documents (Church deed, map of the flooded area, etc.) to the cemetery page?

Sheralyn-Community User

You can scan those documents as image files and then add them to the photos section of the cemetery. 

If these come from an archival source, such as a library or local history website, you can also put the web link in the Cemetery page information section. 

I have seen many instances where people did both of these to create a substantial documentation of a bit of the cemetery history.  There is a church near our cottage that has about 21 graves, along with a signboard with details, that were removed from an impoundment back in 1952. A few stones were preserved but most are only marked by a post with number, but they did record all the known names of those re-interred.  

Here is the URL for how I handled this particular one. I made notes about this in the image record, and there is an overview photo of that area in the cemetery photos section. 

Thanks for caring enough to record these


Isn't this functionality already available using the "upload supporting records batch" screens? See  While I've not used it it seems to apply to whole cemeteries. 



Yes...and no.  This can be used to upload a spreadsheet with headstone information that has been documented with images. However, if this is an old cemetery without images this will not work. You will have to enter records in under the cemetery one at a time as supporting records.

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