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Has no recorded cemetery name


Here is James Glenn France, i have transcribed image before i found out there was no cemetery name, Sarah France is also recorded with it. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me the cemetery please. For some reason i an unable to put a url here but it can be found on search, there is : James Glenn France 1885-1956. Also Sarah A France 1890-1967.

asked May 6 in Other by joanb BG Rookie 
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Joan:  THANKS - I figured out a work-around. 

If you open for James Glenn France, you will find that he is now in Eternal Hills Memorial Park. Another nearby grave is also moved to that cemetery. 

Since there was no cemetery associated, there was no way to see the location of James' pin, so I went to the Change Cemetery link below your transcription, and selected the nearest one, which was Eternal Hills. The pin for his grave shows up in the roadway, right at the cemetery entrance. 

Sometimes, the phone loses the cemetery that the photographer thought he had in the device, so it just uploads the images to "whereever null".  Looks lilke the photographer was going at quite a pace during that session (good for him) and probably just did not notice. Might have happened when he passed by a large group of trees or a large mausoleum building. 

Fortunately, in this case, all you need to do  is transcribe the image, and then change the cemetery to Eternal Hills. 

Do this for a few and check that they are all in the right locations. I will do a few more myself to see that all works ok.

Sometimes, this will not work, and the only solution is to notify the BG Support team of the issue. Thanks for perservering on these. 

Do you know of any way to get those that you could not do earlier; try your browser history?? 


answered May 6 by dswright BG Master (

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