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Held Images are being transcribed


Anyone else having issues with the 2 week hold on recently uploaded images? I've visited some really old church graveyards in Ireland and wanted to do the transcriptions myself. I selected the option to transcribe them myself but a day after uploading, other users have already transcribed them. Since the headstones are weathered and hard to read in pictures, many of the information was transcribed incorrectly. I've emailed the helpdesk and hopefully this is resolved asap.

asked Apr 2 in Transcribing Images by Ccornwall BG Beginner

This is an extremely hot topic on the community, and I would like a chance to answer it here. I too am a BG User just like everyone else. I am probably one of the earliest users to the site, because when I heard about BillionGraves, I opened up a free account immediately in 2011.   I have also noticed speedy transcribers throughout the years going through my photos and doing a poor job of transcribing. I am also a genealogist and insist on things being done right. For those of you concerned with numbers and stats, you might not like what I am about to say, but this is what I do. 

Most transcribers are in it for the numbers. We also have more transcribers than photo takers. What I do is simply wait.  When it looks as though my cemetery has been "transcribed" I go back over what has been done through by opening up my profile, clicking on the photos I have taken and re-transcribing poorly done stones.( This is fairly easy to do if you pull up BillionGraves on more than one tab in your browser.)   

NO ONE will touch them at that point. I also add historical context in the notes, FamilySearch connections, and even add epitaphs.  Many times I get saved as the transcriber any way, because of all of the extra information I have just added. 

As a BillionGraves Team member, we have reviewed our policy and here is where it stands.  When you are at the cemetery taking photos a popup will appear. It asks if you would like to transcribe your photos. If you click yes, it will keep the 14 day window for transcriptions on your photos.  If you click no, the general public will have access to transcriptions. 

Personally, I love the research end of family history and enjoy the challenge of adding any additional information to help others in their quest for family, as this is what it is ultimately all about!

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I don't get that popup on my Android device. I would like to have something on the website that allows me to select the photos I would want to send to the public queue. Make the default to reserve the 14 day window and opt out if you want to release them. I also think that the 50-mile zone should not be the default. What if I take images of ancestral burials site grounds, but do not have time to transcribe until I get home, a day's drive later. Someone else will have at them before I even get a chance to clear the bad snaps and check linking. 

Try placing this in on the forum for a feature request. I spoke to our technical department and the 50-mile radius is no longer observed. The popup for the transcriptions occurs when you click download. It will then ask if you would like to transcribe these. If it is not working on Android, can you put it in a bug report for our technicians.  Thank You!

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