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When adding memories please keep these things in mind

The memories feature on BillionGraves is up and running well. Here are some things to keep in mind on your posts:

1- Please keep the memories section free from junk!  Do not post familysearch PID numbers of relatives here. This is what the "family relationships added" is for

2.- Please keep the information pertinent to the person to whose life page you are writing information on.  Do not write about long lost relatives. For example: If the Life Information Page is about President Thomas Jefferson, information on Sally Hemmings and their descendants would not be appropriate on this page. Keep the biography ONLY about Thomas Jefferson, his life and his accomplishments as a human being. 

3. We encourage historical documents pertaining to the person as well as any documentation verifying the information.  However do not copy from Wikipedia for the famous as it will already be there.

We are excited for this feature and want and encourage people to use it.  We also want rich information here that might not be found elsewhere. If you would like to see some examples here are just a few of the famous and everyday average person files that look great that are currently on the website:

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Is it possible to edit a memory after posting? I can't see a way.

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Where and how do we edit a memory after posting?  There seems to be no easy way to do this, please help!

Memories at at the bottom of the page.  There is a way to delete or edit a memory just click on the icon.


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