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Transcribing My Photos

Every time I save a new transcription from "My Photos" it forces me to navigate through all the menus to get back to "My Photos" to get to the next headstone.  When I click "Save" and "Next" it takes me to a random headstone.  I want to get through my own pictures before doing other pictures.

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What you need to do is use the  <BACK - NEXT> arrows at the bottom of the photo. This should bring up your photos in sequence and will make linking (as needed) easier. That tidbit of info is buried in a Community comment from several years ago. Glad you asked about this as BG support can add that tidbit to a future tutorial for beginners. 


Another way of doing it, is to 'Right click" on the photo you want to transcribe in "My Photos" and then select "Open in new tab" or something similar depending on the browser you're using.

Then go to that tab, transcribe, save and close the tab. You are then back at your "My Photos" page.

You can simultaneously open a number of new tabs and work through them until back at your "My Photos" page.


just uploaded photos from my computer -- not the app -- can't find them to transcribe?   - can't get cemetery to load. 

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