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Hebrew dates (months) showing up wrong after transcription

I've noticed that when transcribing tombstones with Hebrew dates, the Hebrew month shows up different than transcribed.
For instance, please see this record:
I have transcribed Hebrew death date as 7 Tammuz 5686 , but it shows as 7 Sivan 5686.
The steps were:
1. Transcribed entire record on transcription page.
2. Clicked "save"
3. Showed up as Sivan instead of Tammuz.

This happens with a lot of records.
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I've had the same problem with Hebrew months when transcribing Jewish burials with English language headstones containing Hebrew dates. I have reported several instances to Support and have received the reply "Our technicians are still working on this issue. We hope to have this resolved in an update at a later date!"


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