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What is the app?

There are two parts to BillionGraves that users need to be aware of. One is the website, the other is the app for a smart device.   One way to look at both of these items is to view the website as a filing cabinet for all of the records, and the app as the tool to obtain these records. The app allows users to go to any cemetery and take photos of headstones. These headstones are placed with a GPS marker from your phone.  When they are uploaded to the website, you can see exactly where you were taking photos in a cemetery, and look at individual records within the cemetery.  The app can also be used in a cemetery to find individuals whose information was gathered previously.  There are many instances where I have gone to a cemetery with thousands of burials, but because someone used the app to document it, I was able to find the headstone I was looking for in minutes. This is the true advantage to using the app!

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I want to download the app, but just reading the comments (so many negatives!) has me worried. Is anyone monitoring people's complaints?


We are monitoring the complaints. Many of them are from people who do not either understand what it is used for, or don't understand how to use it. We will be addressing many of these complaints soon!

I was wondering if that might be the case. Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

Over the past 3 years or so ago I took complete and partial gravestone pictures of cemeteries in my area, and am now in the process of uploading them to Billiongraves.  I am confused, however, that although I have received a "thank you for participating", they have not shown for transcription, nor can I see any pop up that I am supposed to see prior to uploading indicating my wish to transcribe my own submissions.  And now, even when I go simply to the volunteer transcribe section, I get a message (appears to be a personal message) that there are no records ready for transcription, and something about Nanaimo, and something about not being available for two weeks.  Could you explain this to me?

Thank you for your time and patience.


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