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Merge or Delete?

In VolunteerYvesTrottier created a topic:  In area of Victoriaville, Québec, Canada, 2 cemeteries were create at same place. Cimetiere located at 291 Rte Pie and Cimetiere St-Joseph, 305 Avenue Pie. It's the same cemetery.  What is the procedure for merging or deleting one?

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@Chico Are you sure this is a cemetery? I deleted one of these as it was pinned to a home. The other is pinned to a road circle. 

Yes. Its an old family burying ground that used to have up to 50 graves at one point.  There are now about 5 graves in the mount that is pinned.

here are the original engravings :


Hello, This is for sure a cemetery, in Bulgaria, I saw and stopped by. And I am sure, one who know the writing Is able to transcribir the graves. Greetings Wanda

These two cemetey URLa are the same, would you, could  you, please merge them.

While they seem like the same, it is two cemeteries on my page.

@Qwilleran1c- These were merged. 

When searching for information in the state of Georgia, USA, the county Richmond is listed and well as Richmond County.  Are they the same?

They would be the same. Not to be confused with the town/city of Richmond, although Richmond County is included in the Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia.

Hi AYoung:

It's been awhile.  Hope you're having a good winter.

I'm wondering if you could merge these two cemeteries.  Here is the link for the one in the wrong place:

And here is the link for the one in the correct place:

I was looking for people and the wrong one came up and there is nobody.  HUH?  What's going on?  So I checked and see that there are two cemeteries, but should only be one.

Thanks a bunch, and have a great weekend.


There are two cemeteries with the same name that need to be merged

It would be great if this could be done

I don't seem to have billiongrave email address on noreply email

Thanks for your help 

@Twiggy This has been taken care of. 

@Lynn I think I took care of this one. Hopefully!

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