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Merge or Delete?

In VolunteerYvesTrottier created a topic:  In area of Victoriaville, Québec, Canada, 2 cemeteries were create at same place. Cimetiere located at 291 Rte Pie and Cimetiere St-Joseph, 305 Avenue Pie. It's the same cemetery.  What is the procedure for merging or deleting one?

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@Chico Are you sure this is a cemetery? I deleted one of these as it was pinned to a home. The other is pinned to a road circle. 

Yes. Its an old family burying ground that used to have up to 50 graves at one point.  There are now about 5 graves in the mount that is pinned.

here are the original engravings :


Hello, This is for sure a cemetery, in Bulgaria, I saw and stopped by. And I am sure, one who know the writing Is able to transcribir the graves. Greetings Wanda
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