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Merge or Delete?

In VolunteerYvesTrottier created a topic:  In area of Victoriaville, Québec, Canada, 2 cemeteries were create at same place. Cimetiere located at 291 Rte Pie and Cimetiere St-Joseph, 305 Avenue Pie. It's the same cemetery.  What is the procedure for merging or deleting one?

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I have merged these cemeteries into one. The one left is St. Joseph.  When you have two cemeteries in the exact location and know they are the same contact support, they will be happy to merge these for you.

Hi AYoung:

Could you merge these two cemeteries, please and thank you?  They are the same cemetery, however are located across the road from each other.  The one on the left says there are only 4 headstones when I click on the marker, but that's not correct.  I tried putting a boundary around them and connecting the two, but can't figure it out.

The marker on the right, in the trees, should be across the road beside the Catholic Church.  That's mostly older headstones.  The one on the left is the newer one.

When you enlarge the map you can see both parts of the cemetery.

Thanks, and have a great day.


Hi Anna:

Well, I figured out how to set the boundary, however, I couldn't figure out how to save it.  DUH!  I went across the road with it so I don't know if that's correct.  Anyway, I'll leave it in your very capable hands.

Thanks a bunch for everything.

Have an awesome day.


@Lynn- Done I merged the two cemeteries and placed a border around the combined result.  Don't worry about it.  I am always glad to help!  I appreciate what you do for P.E.I.  ;)

Thank you once again, Anna.  You are the BEST.

Have an awesome day.


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I created three (3) of the same cemetary.  ID:  317388, 317389 and 317392.   Need to keep 317388 and delate or merge the rest.


@SPerez This was taken care of. 

I'm not sure what happened, but I seem to have somehow 'created' a copy of the main cemetery I'm working on, when I uploaded today's photos.

212893 and 148041 are the same.   148041 must be the original, to have the other merged into.

Please and thank you!

@David These were merged at your request. 

@AYoung - see my post - the cemeteries may now be listed as one, but my existing photo sets are still separate, and showing under 'separate' cemeteries.

I was hoping the PHOTOS could be merged as well.

I created a cemetery on the map and then went to upload photos and it wasn't there.  Thinking it hadn't been created, I created it again to put the photos in the right cemetery.  Now there are two of the same cemetery marking the same spot.  Could you please help me merge the two cemeteries together? 
 Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery  4973 Washington Road  Evans Georgia

Mt Olive Baptist Church Cemetery  Washington Road Columbia County Georgia.

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