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Printing photos

 Can I print a copy of a photo that I have taken for Billion Graves for inclusion in my family's genealogy?

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As long as these photos are to be for private use, and not for commercial use you are free to use any BillionGraves photo. 

Thank you for the response. Whatever photos I wish to print will not be used for any commercial purpose.   The question is how do I print a copy of the photo?  Billion Graves does not appear to have a print function.  I have tried copying the photo to my computer and then using a print function there, but the copy of the photo loses so much data in the copying function that the inscription on the tombstone is illegible and therefore useless for my purpose.

I'm wondering the same question ....

Realizing you may have found your answer to this old question, I discovered that my android had every phoyo I've taken with the app stored in it ... found it using USB data import with windows photo app

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