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I have a question.  I have been doing some military stones this afternoon and found one that there is two men of the same name, BUT different ages and dates and ranks in service.  They were already done and I checked them over and they were mixed up somehow.  I cannot get the Army off the one that goes on the other.  They seem to be Father and Son.  How do I delete the Army emblem with the wrong guy?    Why is it that some corrections never correct?  I hate to link a name when I can't see the link picture to be sure it is the same person.  There is no picture on the linked ones.  Unless I feel sure it is the right one I am not going to link them.  The problem I have is the son not the father!

Thank you~

Send this over to support including the names and URL(web address of the photo), and support will be happy to help you with this. 

In a match from Billion Graves to my family tree (MyHeritage) of Barbara Rita Cunningham Doherty it statesIn BillionGraves

Barbara Rita Doherty
Birth:Sep 30 1935
Death:Feb 14 2016
Denmark Cemetery, Scotsdale, Western Australia, Australia
Source:View full record on
Contributor:MyHeritage employees and friends
Margaret (Peggy) Wood19091940

This is Barbara Rita's mother not Barbara Rita as you will see in the note column. They are both buried in the same grave and have seperate plaques on the headstone.
The heading on the top should be Peggy Wood not Barbara Rita Doherty.  Regards,

Barry Doherty. (Husband of Rita).

Agnes - if the problem is that you are trying to edit the military information within the Transcription Screen, (for either of these men), the edited information will not stick and save. 

What you have to do is to go to the Record Screen, scroll down to the military area, and make the corrections in the fields there. Even that is tricky, as you have to enter the transcription on the stone in to the "Transcription" area, save that firsts, the open the edit button again and enter the  particular data such as unit, branch rank, war and awards/honors in the other separate fields. Be sure to save with the floppy disk icon and then check that the information is correct 

If this procedure works for you please reply to let us know that you solved the problem. It you can't do that reply here with URL of both records and let us take a look.


@Barry- Your problem has been caused because the notes field applies to the whole grave site not each of your relatives buried here. If you go to the transcription screen and delete the notes you can then enter the family relationships for each burial under the "others not buried here" and things should be clearer. If you need help reply back here and I'd be happy to correct your transcription. 

How do I find the transcription screen?


I cannot delete anything from the match that came up. The heading should read

Margaret (Peggy) Wood, born Thomson.

b April 5th 1909

d April 5th 1940

The rest is OK


Hi Barry. To edit a Billion Graves Record, go to Billion Graves by clicking on "view full record in Billion Graves" in your image above. This will show the entry for Barbara Rita. To theright of Life Information you will see a Pencil Symbol. Click on it and select Transcription Page. Then select Add Epitaph- the notes field can then be edited. To help you I've added to relationships as per the headstones and added Wood as Barbara Rita's Maiden name. I hope this is correct, if not you should be able to edit it here. I am not sure when or how the BG changes show up in My Heritage, if the BG changes don't fix the My Heritage problem you will need to contact My Heritage. 

Thanks megabear,

I was able to follow the instructions and everything appears to be fine now.


Barry Doherty.

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