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Using my camera and photos not uploading

I have used my camera instead of my ipad to take images. I have uploaded them to the app and all seemed okay, however, they show up in "my photos" as supporting documents (an orange border). I have hundreds of photos that I have taken this way. When I click on them individually I can transcribe a photo but it doesn't get saved into the app. I hope that someone can help me. I have been traveling and have taken hundreds of photos. 

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When you take a photo outside of the app, these are considered supporting records on our website. 

We will accept any photo of headstones for our website; however, when they are taken with the app they have the GPS location on the data that is uploaded. The GPS marked photos are considered a primary source due to the GPS marker attached to it.  This also ensures users that the photo was taken precisely where the GPS marker states that it was. It also ensures that if another user goes into the same cemetery, they will be able to find the headstone they were looking for if it was taken with the app. 

When photos are taken outside of the app with a camera or an ipad, without data, these are considered a secondary source due to the fact that we can't be 100% sure that the photos were taken in the location stated by the user.  Sorry about that!

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