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uploading images taken on a nikon camera

I have taken hundreds of photos on my nikon camera. It is paired with my iphone. I have uploaded the pics into the app. The photo's show up however, they have that orange border that says other source. Can I fix this? It shows that they need to be transcribed but even when I do them one at a time, I went back to search for the ones I entered and they weren't there. Help....

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Taking photos outside of the app will place them as supporting records as they do not have the GPS location attached to them. I am unsure of how you are uploading the photos onto the app, as this is not a feature on our iphone app, nor is it a feature for the website on the iphone. 

However, if you used the BillionGraves website on a home computer there are a couple of  places that you can upload photos.  On your account, and at the cemetery webpage. If the photos are "missing" it may be that you will need to find the cemetery page where you have uploaded them and look there. 

Thank you so much. I should have looked into this before I took those pictures. Thanks again for your reply. 

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