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Incorrect cemetery listed for burials

St. Mary Cemetery Port Hope Ontario has several burials listed which are not actually in that cemetery. Three cemeteries in Port Hope are in a row on Toronto Rd. (Union, St Mary's and St John's) but there is no division between them. I suspect that many of the transcriptions listed as in  St. Mary's are actually in Port Hope Union. I know for sure that those of Martin Roach, Donald Rowden, Rita Willis Rowden, Robert Benson Rowden, S Cecil Rowden, Frederick Agar, Herbert Snell Annie Snell, David Snell and Samuel Snell are actually buried in Port Hope Union. Check for confirmation. None of these people were Catholics. What can be done to correct this listing? Thanks, Carol 

Give support this information as well as the URL of the cemeteries in question. They should be able to sort this for you. 

I found a listing from Billion graves website for a James Hanrahan burial in Wisner Cemetery in Wisner, Cuming, Nebraska.  I could not confirm this listing and wrote a not to the person in charge if there is such a person buried there.

Here is their response. 


I think billion graves is confused. They don't seem to realize that there are two cemeteries on the same property, both the Wisner public cemetery and the Saint Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Wisner cemetery has 12 sections labeled BLOCKS. St. Joseph's cemetery has three sections on the far south and are labeled as SECTIONS. The St. Joseph sections do not say St. Joseph on them, but the locals know the difference. 

 I have a copy of the Wisner burial records up to 2013 and there are NO Hanrahan's listed at all. I do not have a copy of St. Joseph and don't know that much about theirs but do see that we have records for five Hanrahans there, Chris, John, Mary, Patrick & Terressa. There may be others, I don't know.

   My best suggestion for you would to find contact for St. Joseph's Catholic church in Wisner as they would have records.

      I should mention that you have not contacted the cemetery. This is a website where folks just as your self post photos of tombstones. Some go out to take photos of family members stones and end up taking 100 more, or doing the entire cemetery. We have no affiliation or contact with any cemetery. 


Brad Kellogg,   B.L. Plek <>



The URL for St Mary's Port Hope is

The URL for Port Hope Union is not listed on billion graves.

The burials I have listed above can be found at which has them buried at Port Hope Union cemetery

This happens when borders are not placed around the cemeteries. When borders are placed pins will go to the correct location.  However, if borders are not placed the pins will go to the nearest cemetery location on the map. I am not from the area, but have placed borders in all of the cemeteries in question.  If I have gotten these borders wrong, will someone contact me in support? Thanks!

@John- The Wisner Cemetery and the St. Joseph's Cemetery borders are in place. I have recalculated the borders so that the pins should be in the correct location now.

@quirkc- I have placed borders where it looks like the cemeteries are. Can you verify these for me?  or send me a map?

Various cemeteries in our area (Webster County, Nebraska) are listed under names other than their given names and as a result it is quite confusing.

I can give you a complete list later but a few of these are:

GUST Cemetery      Should be PENNY CREEK Cemetery

MURPHY Cemetery    "         "   Catholic Cemetery at MINER Ranch

I also tried to list the SACRED HEART Cemetery but it comes up as a part of the current  RED CLOUD Cemetery which it is not. Someone must have put in the wrong boundaries because it won't let it be added.

 How are these problems remedied?

I have fixed these issues as you have requested. 

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@quirkc - I have corrected cemetery names for that 3 in a row group in Port Hope, but there is a 4th cemetery further up the road that is also named (?in error) St Mary's. It is at the corner of Toronto Road and Fox Road, near the Presbyterian Church. Do you know what the sign on the gate post reads. I could not make it out from the Google map image. Is it the Presbyterian Cemetery? 

Thank you. As far as I can see, Fox Road is a dead end, and doesn't intersect with Toronto Road. I'm going over to Port Hope next month (I live in Australia) so I will check it out. I think the sign you might be looking at (via google) is the one for the Free Presbyterian Church on Toronto Road?

Thank you for your response, but I was able to email with the town Cemetery Board Administrator, and he informs me that the Cemetery at the corner of Fox and Toronto is the Welcome United Church Cemetery, and it has been adopted by the town for management. I think we have that group sorted out now. 


Thanks very much for sorting out all those cemeteries. Much appreciated. Welcome Cemetery is a fair way out of town. I know it well as many of my relatives are buried there. Keep up the good work.


Took pictures in Port Carling, ontario but it turnes out the closest cemetery was Torrance, ontario aprox 10 miles away now all my photos say they aer in Torrance. I have created the correct cemetery called Port Carling Cemetery but how do i get pictures out of the Torrance listing and show in the Port Carling Listing it address is 47 Joseph St, location 45.1203, - 79.57741

Robert: I found the two cemeteries you cited, and since there are only a few grave records, you can easily switch them over to the correct location (cemetery). Since you just added the Port Carling location, it may take up to 24 hours for that to show up in the cemetery listings. 

Go to this link in the main helpdesk section for detail instructions on how to do it. It is pretty simple.



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