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After finding on your listing for James Hanrahan, I could not confirm his burial.  He is my Great Uncle.

I wrote to the people in charge of the cemetery listing and here is their reply.


I think a billion graves is confused. They don't seem to realize that there are two cemeteries on the same property, both the Wisner public cemetery and the Saint Joseph's Catholic cemetery. The Wisner cemetery has 12 sections labeled BLOCKS. St. Joseph's cemetery has three sections on the far south and are labeled as SECTIONS. The St. Joseph sections do not say St. Joseph on them, but the locals know the difference. 

 I have a copy of the Wisner burial records up to 2013 and there are NO Hanrahan's listed at all. I do not have a copy of St. Joseph and don't know that much about theirs but do see that we have records for five Hanrahan's there, Chris, John, Mary, Patrick & Terressa. There may be others, I don't know.

   My best suggestion for you would find the contact for St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Wisner as they would have records.

      I should mention that you have not contacted the cemetery. This is a website where folks just as your self-post photos of tombstones. Some go out to take photos of family members stones and end up taking 100 more or doing the entire cemetery. We have no affiliation or contact with any cemetery. 


Brad Kellogg




B.L. Plek <>


I did contact ST. Joseph's Catholic Church and the listing for their burials is correct with website searches and those are my ancestors Listed in this cemetery.

The issue here is that all of St Josesph's Catholic parcel was included in the inital delination for the Wisner Cemetery. I have checked the County GIS listing and maps and it is clear that St Joseph Catholic Cemetery is the parcel to the south of East Avenue, and Wisner Cemetery is all the sections north of East Avenue. I have adjusted the bounday of Wisner and created a new cemetery showing the boundary of St Joseph. All the graves pinned in St Joseph will need to be transferred out of Wisner and into the St Joseph. Can that be done effeciently by tech staff? And then checked against the listing of Wisner burials to be sure at least most are correctly located. 


I have worked with both websites and we have successfully resolved this issue.  The subject person James Hanrahan is buried as noted by Billion Graves.  Thank you for your help and support.

You have listed a grave at Culham Berkshire  of John Bowman as 1860. This is my great great grand father. He died in 1850 9th December. I have his death certificate and I attach the listing of this as registered in death certificates. Please review all information connected to this error. thank you

Barbara Harri


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You can go into this record yourself and fix it. Unlike Find A Grave where you have to ask permission anyone can edit at BillionGraves. Go to the life information page, click on the pencil, choose transcription. This takes you to the transcription page. Click on edit and fix the record. It's actually easier than it sounds. 

I already edited that record; it is now correct. 

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