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** database-GI-T

Since keeps very good database of their cemeteries it would be nice if there was a way to easily cross reference the data with BG. With the right tool we could easily check to make sure all grave sites were photographed and transcribed correctly.  Looking at pins on a map, there is no way to know if perhaps a grave was inadvertently skipped.

I usually tell people to do sections of the cemetery that look as though no photographs were taken. If a duplicate is created, they can be merged later. 

I agree with KV6H. It is hard to tell if any grave has been missed especially since the dots do not line up very well. I have taken pictures in cemeteries that are in very straight rows and the markers face they same direction so I can stand a similar distance from the marker and little tree coverage but the dots on the maps are still all over the place. Sometimes rows off.

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