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App Issues - help/fixes

I have used the app on several occasions and have always had issues with it freezing this is usually fixed by resetting the app, frustrating but easy to do.

Last weekend I used the app again and was unable to access any photo request's as the app would freeze and close every time. Then when I got home today I discovered that the small number of photos I was able to take have now cropped themselves so that the edges of text are missing making many of theme unreadable. Worse yet the one head stone I had travelled 7 hours to take a photo of has now gone missing (this was a series of 4 photos).

Am I the only one to have these issues and will these issues be resolved?

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I am trying to fulfill some requests and when I try to do so from the App it closes down. I travelled 80 kms to help these people so not impressed

@Jenna & @Steve & Carolyn- I have reached out to both of you through email.  Can you send in some screenshots of these issues?  Jenna, I will need the make and model of your phone as well. Thank You!

I have attached screenshots of progressing through the app to the cemetery and the eventual requests. You can see that I see the images locations previously taken but when I try to access the 9 requests it crashes. Happens on my iPad too. Also, I have noticed that although gps was enabled the 34 photos I took had no geotags in the photo data. The normal photo I took after leaving the cemetery did. You might explain that one too please. Regards Steve
I have raised this before app will not search for. Cemeteries outside home area , I have to use website to search
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