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Did not use app

I did not use the app but have the photos.  How can I upload them to the site

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When photos are taken outside of the app, these are considered supporting records because they will not have our patented GPS markers as part of the file.  We still accept and want these records too. To upload them, you simply find the cemetery page of the cemetery the photos belong in, and click the add headstone images button. Follow the prompts and it will show you how to do the rest. 

I'm on cemetery page, but don't see any "add headstone images" button.  Where is it?  I have a load of photos from the Deerfield Cemetery, Deerfield IL, but took them with my iphone outside of the ap, and don't know how to upload them to you.

@Stanley Rosenthal- In order to add headstone images the box is above the Browse Button on the main cemetery page. 

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