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If you haven't already noticed, there are a lot of photo requests going out from me for our website. We are trying to get together a famous file that will add interest and depth to what we currently offer.  At this time, I am working very hard trying to get out famous Americans, as this is the country of my birth.  However, I would also be very very interested in starting files from all over the world. (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany,Russia, Poland, Israel, France, Brazil, etc.) We want to represent you!!! I am creating a file that will house all of our current world famous people, along with photo requests out there on our website, for the famous. Once these are filled I add them to our database file with the URL's. The only qualifications are that the photos MUST be taken with the APP!!!!!

You will notice in the right hand corner of the life information page a box will appear listing this as a famous person file. These are added to individuals when wikipedia articles are linked to an individual. If you want to know how to add one? Scroll down on the life information page to the Mark As Famous and add the URL (Wiki web address)

Right now we are looking for famous people worldwide who currently have Wikipedia articles written on them..   If you are a photo taker and would be willing to do so, will you go out and take photos of the famous?  These can be actors, musicians, military, scientists, politicians, inventors, aviators, authors, ect.  We would love all countries represented here!  We are currently looking for people with Wikipedia articles written about them. Once you have done this. Either respond to this forum message or email me directly with the URL to  This way I can add it to our file. You will get credit for both taking the photo and transcribing, (unless you only send in the photo) You can also add interesting information such as life stories and histories found online. Just be sure that you give credit where credit is due and place the URL of the article on the individual. DO NOT COPY INFO FROM FIND A GRAVE, or it will be removed! Original work is always welcomed!  :) If you see a famous person on our website who currently might have a poor quality photo, let me know when you take one with the app and I will replace it! 

I have currently added all of the US Presidents, US Signers of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, I am working on key military figures from the US Revolutionary War to the Civil War and hope to bring it forward to the present time. I would love to add heroes from WWI and WWII, as well as other conflicts from around the world. Do you want to get credit for beautiful famous photos? We would love to be the medium you use to capture these! If you are from outside of the United States, we would love to house and capture the history of your nation with beautiful photographs of headstones of patriots and heroes of your country.  Please email me, and we can work together on this!

 Here are some examples of great photos vs. poor ones for your information.  Only look at the app photos as the others are supporting records. 

Great Photos!

Mediocre Photos- These were taken close up or with poor lighting

Poor Photos- I just can't part with these as they have the GPS but these aren't good! (Blurry, too far away, or too close up to make a difference. The added photos make it seem good, but the app photos need work!)

For some time I've been marking famous Australian burials, as I notice them, by adding the Wikipedia entry to their BG  record. I notice some other transcribers have also done this.  Would it be possible for you to interrogate the BG database to find these entries as the starting point for your famous file?

Yes, but I am also trying to create an easy access file with different categories.  I am also creating spreadsheets with ratings scores, as well as whether they have been cross referenced with FamilySearch. This also makes it easier to pull. I will check with our technical department, as I know that many of the URL's  are marked as famous, but doesn't break them into categories. (Which is what we really need) 

I have also found many people on the website who are famous, but were not marked.  Bruce Lee was just one example of many...

Hi, I have some comments. I've seen the requests from you but I think it would have been helpful if you had included why you were requesting these photos in your requests and specified that you were with BG. Many of these photos are already available on Find-A-Grave, but as a member of BG who lives in Los Angeles county, I get many requests for photos of famous persons, sometimes with comments like "I know I can find this on Find-A-Grave but I'm not requesting it there; I'm asking for it here, so don't tell me to go there."...kind of nasty, right? And I don't know why they want the photos, ex: for their own websites dedicated to someone and maybe exploitative somehow, so I don't necessarily complete these requests; I prioritize non-famous person requests. Also, I only found out that you were with BG and the purpose of your requests by going to this section, which I don't normally do.

One other bit of information; Forest Lawn Glendale or Hollywood Hills which is where many of these famous persons are interred out here has a policy of not releasing where celebrities final resting places are; also, their new GPS system for locating graves in their cemeteries doesn't have the graves' locations; I know this because I recently tried this.  Also, if it's in a locked mausoleum, staff at these cemeteries are not going to give you access unless you're family.  Some of the information on where these graves are located can be found on other sites and some grave markers may be easily taken, if the person is not in a locked mausoleum, for example; then it's feasible. So I think you need to take this information into consideration when requesting photos of these markers, because a BG volunteer may not be able to get them for you.

Hi, I'd to offer a recommendation regarding requests for photos of famous grave markers. It would be helpful if you indicate in your request that you're with BG and the request is for a project. The reason I recommend this is because I am presently taking photos in the Los Angeles area and I often see requests for photos of famous graves. (I've seen your name in fact but didn't know anything about this project since I don't usually come to the Support area in the BG website.) Some of the requests I get have included statements like "I'm aware that Find-A-Grave has a photo of this but I'm asking for it here, not on that site so don't tell me to go there" or "Take a picture of all the REALLY famous people"....not necessarily nice or appropriate requests sometimes. So when I see requests for famous graves, especially ones like that, I don't prioritize them over requests for non-famous graves, because I'm not sure what the person wants them for (ie their website or some exploitative purpose, you know?)

Something else I'd like to point out...not all famous graves are easily accessible. Take Forest Lawn for example; they have a policy not to tell callers or visitors (who are unrelated to a famous individual) where famous people are interred and they do not include the names and locations of these graves on their GPS grave locator system as well. (I know this because I tried to look up Natalie/Nat King Cole's graves while I was at Forest Lawn Glendale last week, without success.) So it means I may have to look up the location on-line to see if there's any website that has this information, unless the location information is included in the request. Furthermore, famous graves may be located in locked mausoleums (which also happens at Forest Lawn,) in which case, only family members are allowed access.  So some of your requests may not be easy or may be impossible to get.  Whenever possible, I'll try to get you the pictures; however, I just thought you should be aware of this. Lastly, any information that would make your request easier to get would be appreciated.

Thank you Sugar62.  Some of these were requests made at an earlier time. I try to place the statement "for the website" in my request, so you will know what it is for. I will from now on state for the BillionGraves Website, so you will know it is from me.   I am also trying to place a location when I have them, this is tough on other websites such as FindAGrave, because they rarely list either location or GPS. (Which is why we exist!)  In the future, I will try to be a little more explicit in my request.  These requests can stay on the site for quite a while if necessary, especially if some of these famous graves are hard to get to.  You can also state this in the chat or comment section  within the photo request. 

@Sugar62  I will try to be very explicit in my famous requests for the website. I get many responses from individuals who do not yet understand that our website is different by stating things like, "This isn't needed, look on Find A Grave".  This is why I have had to exhaustively teach people that our site is very different. When I do get these photos back, I also am responsible for making them family friendly and creating life information pages that reflect not only their famous side, but who they were as individuals. I am currently working on American Historical figures for both the US Presidency, Constitution Signers, and Military. Why are we duplicating things found on other websites?  To simply show that our site offers more than what is currently out there. 

My next stop will be entertainers, although I have had a few of these and have made their pages to reflect our mission. If it would help, here are a couple of these that you can see our work:

Thanks for the reply; I didn't realize the posts are screened before being posted in the Forum, otherwise, I wouldn't have posted twice. I got Rudolf Valentino's photos for you; I hope you can use three. As long as I was there, I also took photos of Hattie McDaniels' grave marker, as well as Mickey Rooney, Rick Jason, Johnny Ramone, a memorial for the dog Toto and David White. (White and Jason were TV performers, whose ashes were in the area of Valentino's.) And I also got photos of Moe, Shemp and Jerome "Curley: Howard at other cemeteries, otherwise known as the Three Stooges. I don't know if you want these other performers or not, but they'll be transcribed today if you want to add them to the Famous list you're compiling.  Sugar62

Sugar62  You are awesome!  I plan on doing actors, musicians, and other performers next!  It looks like you have got me a good head start!

Other people put pictures of a few of the famous that I sent you in BG already, although I have a few obscure ones there. I looked up famous personages last night at some of the other cemeteries I’ve visited in the past, like Inglewood and Pierce Bros Valhalla; there are some well-known, especially at Inglewood. I wasn’t planning on going back there for a while because I finished all of the requests I could do there, but when you’re ready, just let me know and I’ll get some famous ones for you. Sugar62

Regarding requests for famous people (and non-famous people) who are interred in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Glendale, it's going to be difficult to fulfill these requests. I tried to get photos of two non-famous people in the Great Mausoleum today and was told point blank by staff that you have to be family to be allowed into the mausoleum, primarily the locked areas and that taking photos isn't allowed. (GPS signal may be an issue as well with the BG app.) There are some areas where crypts/ashes are open to view, so I got a photo of Elizabeth Taylor's monument today, but others like Larry Fine or Nat King Cole are going to be harder to get. There may be some individuals in the BG family that can somehow get these photos in the mausoleum, but I'm not one of them.  Sugar62

Hi, I’ve started to fulfill more of your requests for CA celeb graves, but for some reason the site isn’t letting me fulfill the requests. The photos are uploaded though. Michael Clarke Duncan is one (or is it Duncan Clarke?) I also got you Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, and David Carradine....I’m going to go back for a few more before the end of the year.
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