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**Is there a way to crop photos? Multiple Tickets Ticket 13685- GI-P

Can we create a feature that will allow you to crop photos?

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This would be a great help.  Its a lot of trouble to go back to a cemetery to reshoot.

Yes please

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I, too, would love that! Photos look o much better when "cleaned up".

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This would be an awesome feature.  While transcribing I'm seeing too many bare feet and/or shoes in photos.  Just seems inappropriate and in a way disrespectful to the memory of the deceased.  If I was a family member I wouldn't want to see somebody's toes in the photo.  Grateful that they took the photo but wouldn't want the feet.  Just sayin'.

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I agree that I don't like seeing fingers and toes in photos. Usually people realize this phenomenon.  However, younger or inexperienced phototakers don't realize their mistake until the photos have been uploaded. 

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I also realize later that sometimes my vehicle is in the background and I don't like that.  Wish I could crop it out!

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Or my shadow when the photo when the photo was taken on a bright day.  We should be focussing with respect on the deceased, not on peripheral distractions.

Having problems with that too. I stop by the city cemetery every day after work to take 50 or 60 pics. Still trying to get consistent results.

Would be a wonderful feature to have, keep looking for it

I suspect the primary problem with cropping (and/or) rotating the image is it may corrupt the geotagging. I'm not a programmer, but I suspect that would be a project in and of itself. That being said, it would be a nice feature, as well as resizing to fill the available frame.

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