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Union Divide Creek Cemetery Issues

Ok, on the BillionGraves homepage I can search for Robert Ice and it comes up that he's in Union Divide Cemetery, but when I search from my page he doesn't come up. It did this before, but something you did had it fixed until I took more photos and transcribed more from up there. 

1. Login to my page, click on Favorite Cemetery (Union Divide Creek Cemetery), type in the search for "Robert Ice" (others don't come up as well, but him as an example), and nothing comes up.  He does however come up from the billiongraves homepage when searched. 

2. Attached screenshot

3. Mac OS 10.13.4, Safari (also tried in Firefox and Google Chrome) latest versions

Don't know if that helps. All the information is available on there, but as the secretary for that cemetery I'd like to be able to see it and search when I'm logged in and each one come up so that I can add supporting records or anything. It was doing this same thing before, and was fixed before I took more photos.

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Using Chrome, just checked and I am getting that same glitch. Can open his page from the main search, but not found in the cemetery. 

I browsed through all and did not see his name listed. The photos are at the top of page 1 of the image browse area. His pin is correctly located in Union Creek c. 

Suggestion: try to completely delete his entry and re-transcribe it. ?? 


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