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Something went wrong - Oakridge Cemetery & Glen Oak Cemetery

Please look at the main pages for these two cemeteries:
Both of the above cemetery pages show a warning [ Hmmm, something went wrong… ]
instead of the applicable cemetery maps. It appears that someone may have messed up the profile(?);
FYI - the pins showing the locations should be reversed; i.e. Glen Oak is the EAST side of the property, and Oakridge is the WEST side; [I may try to fix this myself...]
NOTE: These started as two separate cemeteries, but today they are both managed through the same office at 4301 Roosevelt Rd, Hillside, Illinois; Also, technically this land is in neither Hillside nor Westchester, but the office has a Hillside address.
This might be more info than you need, but I thought you should know about the on-going confusion about these two names. Some people may treat them as two separate cemeteries, (or three if the Jewish section is identified separately), while some may see them as one location.Leaving them as two is OK as long as the locations are set as Oakridge to the WEST and Glen Oak to the EAST.
Thanks for your help!

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I have not seen this kind of error message before; I also could not get to the cemetery edit map to open either. Did you get any resolution to this or response from BG support? 

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