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Browse does not put names in Alpha Order

This is at least the third time I've submitted this problem. . . . but with the new set up I can't find the previous posts I did.

Here is the issue:

When you get onto the first page of a cemetery, and click on Browse it used to be that all the names would be in alpha order.     This made it easy to locate family groups, and also duplicate headstones (which is what I try to fix).    

Now when you click on Browse you get the names in TWO sections . . . A-Z, and then another batch of names A-Z.   These are followed by the other documents which have been uploaded.    

The last time I sent this in I got a reply from a new BG tech, that the ordering was to be all graves first, followed by the other documents.    Right . . . that is what we get, but we don't get all the A's together . . . they are in two groups . . . some at the first part of the Browse list, and another group of A's.

It is real easy to see the problem, just get onto a Cemetery, click on Browse.    Then scroll through and you will see A-Z, followed by another group of A-Z.    

Please try to get this fixed.    It is nearly impossible to clean up duplicates when I can't get all the A's in alpha order, followed by all the B's, etc.    

We've been having the problem since at least fall of 2017.     Prior to that it was working fine.


Kathy in Seattle

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We are aware of this issue and we are working to resolve it.  It is on our bug list of one of the items  that needs our attention on the website. 

Websites are very complicated, and our designers and technicians want to do things right.  We have placed this as transparently as possible  for the public to see, and this has been added to our "bug list" of items that will be tackled as soon as possible. 

I reported this problem at least 6 months ago. This must be a really hard thing to fix.....

You'd think it would be really easy . . . just code so that all headstones are in alpha order.    I think it was last November when I first noticed it . . . and reported it then.    And again this past February or so.    AT that time I was told that the Browse was sorting correctly . . . . and when I told them I didn't think they understood the problem, got a message that my "issue" was considered "resolved".     Well,  it isn't!    However, I do know they've been very busy with the new transcription page, and also apparently some other upgrades.    But it makes the job of cleaning up cemeteries (merging duplicates is what I like to do) nearly impossible when the names are not fully in alpha order.    

I guess we just keep griping about this and hope that one of these days they will fix it!    

Thanks for whatever portion of Billion Graves you assist with . . . I like both transcription and "cleaning up cemeteries" . . .     


Has there been ANY progress on fixing this troublesome bug? Like Kathy, I really enjoy doing cemetery cleanups, but no long try in large ones, as you can not easily groups the duplicate/near duplicates or find matches to a large family group. Even setting browse to 1 letter at a time, the lists still sort in two groups and almost always husband in one group and wife in another, or the two duplicates in separate groups. Have a tech try this with some small cemeteries and go letter by letter and find the duplicates. Then they will see what an aggravating mess it is. It has been almost a year since this bug first appeared and on would think it would be cleared by now. Surely someone could have found the code in the previous release. Just a reminder.   

This is a much harder fix than many people think. We are hoping to have this worked out in the very near future. It is annoying to all of us here at BillionGraves as well!

I only checked one cemetery and for only 2 letters of the alphabet, but it does look like this problem has been fixed!     Thanks so much for taking care of this.     I can now get back to my task of matching duplicates.    I'm sure many researchers will be happy this has been fixed as well.    Kathy

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