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Transcribing old green pins.

 Hi Support,
There appears to be a bug that has caused all "green pins" to have the same transcription cutoff date, regardless of when the picture was taken.

I know these pictures were taken longer than 14 days ago, but they continue to be locked to the same date at all cemeteries at least in Australia and New Zealand.

I've used different browsers and PCs, but the bug appears the same on all platforms.

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I agree there seems to be a problem which is preventing many older green pins from being transcribed.  Clicking on any green pin seems to automatically come up with "This image will be available in the public transcription queue on (todays date plus 14 days)".  Clicking again changes the displayed available date by an extra 14 days for each extra click.


Another example of an affected cemetery is  Many of the green pins here are for images taken nearly a year ago and the last new image contributed was April 2018. This problem only seems to have arisen since mid May 2018 as I last successfully transcribed some green pins here on 12 May 2018. I have also noted the same problem in British cemeteries.

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