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How to photograph a cemetery in a remote location or without using data

Are you on a smartphone plan with limited data?  I know this has been my lot in life for many years now. I love capturing cemeteries too, but don't want to use up precious data.  Sometimes, I have been in remote locations where I don't even have an internet connection to upload photos.

Here is a trick I learned that is specific to those who are new at this. You do not have to use data to do this at all!  When you are in the app and ready to take a photo click on the gear icon on the app front page. You will see Auto Upload as the first choice in the settings. Turn this setting off!  This will allow you to take photos with your phone, without eating up precious data. This also helps in remote locations where you do not have very good cell phone service.

Here is the important part of this feature that you will need to remember: When you get back to an area with wifi click on the front page of the app, click photos, scroll to the bottom and it will state that there are photos waiting to be uploaded. Click on button and allow the phone to upload using the wifi connection. When the button disappears, you will know the photos uploaded to the website.  

Most of my family cemeteries have been in remote locations with no internet connections, and this has worked great for me!  

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