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How to photograph a cemetery in a remote location or without using data

Are you on a smartphone plan with limited data?  I know this has been my lot in life for many years now. I love capturing cemeteries too, but don't want to use up precious data.  Sometimes, I have been in remote locations where I don't even have an internet connection to upload photos.

Here is a trick I learned that is specific to those who are new at this. You do not have to use data to do this at all!  When you are in the app and ready to take a photo click on the gear icon on the app front page. You will see Auto Upload as the first choice in the settings. Turn this setting off!  This will allow you to take photos with your phone, without eating up precious data. This also helps in remote locations where you do not have very good cell phone service.

Here is the important part of this feature that you will need to remember: When you get back to an area with wifi click on the front page of the app, click photos, scroll to the bottom and it will state that there are photos waiting to be uploaded. Click on button and allow the phone to upload using the wifi connection. When the button disappears, you will know the photos uploaded to the website.  

Most of my family cemeteries have been in remote locations with no internet connections, and this has worked great for me!  

How do I get past putting in a cemetery when there is not one.

Most of the graves here in Mangaia, Cook Islands are family plots at homes.

They are also this way in many rural places in the United States. Add small cemetery plots in at the homes with borders around them and give them a name such as Nathan Smith family cemetery, or Jones family plot. Make sure they have borders though so they do not run into each other. 

My issues have not been resolved with my LG6 Android phone.

I'm wondering if I should delete all 14 pictures which still state they are uploading

(and they actually have uploaded on the phone and I have transcribed them--

1st click under photos it is stating 14 images uploading, click on undefined cemetery and all 14 images

show up with the transcribing done)

I'm thinking of deleting all the pictures and then deleting the billion graves app and reinstalling it.

Will this make things more complicated with billion graves website?

Should I try this?  Very frustrated with this, as I'm trying to do some good here.

I just barely lost all the pictures I had taken

Too many problems with this app

Our technical staff has looked into the issue you are having with the phone, and apparently when you are trying to upload  the connection is not good. Make sure when you try uploading you are in a location with a good internet connection. A last ditch effort would be to use indoor mode. This can be used if the GPS connection is poor. It will place all of the images in a location closest to the last place your device was able to pick up a GPS signal. It's not great, but better than nothing. I have removed the images that didn't load. 

@Jewell55 We are so sorry. It is most likely the location, not necessarily the app. If all else fails, you can always take photos with your camera on your phone and enter them in as headstone images for the cemetery. These won't have GPS locations, they will be supporting images but people will still be able to see who is buried there. 

If uploading whenever we can get to a wifi spot after taking pictures, will it still upload the graves' coordinates so others can easily find the graves? I'm curious how this all works.


Once the headstone images are uploaded and transcribed, a person can look up an individual on the app within that cemetery. When they find the record, they will click cemetery map. The grave will be an orange dot, the individual with the device will be a blue flashing dot. When you bring the two individual dots together, you will find the grave in the cemetery.  See this article for more information: 

Angeline.  It does.  My cemetery is pretty remote.  I take photos and then upload them when I get home.  GPS coordinates and all.  Seems to work fine.

For years I have known there was a cemetery across the street from us . . . back in the neighbor's field . . . "somewhere . . . "

I finally figured out exactly where it is located, and who owns the land. Sunday, while my husband and I were out walking, we met the property owner, and had a chance to ask him for permission to visit the cemetery. He warned us that it was in pretty bad shape . . . that was an understatement!

I talked my husband into an exploration adventure over there with me this evening. We had to wade through a lot of tall grass (the "road" is through a hay field) and, when we got there, I wasn't sure we were even going to be able to get through the undergrowth to where the cemetery was supposed to be. We climbed over fallen trees, and fought our way through blackberry vines, honey suckle, privet, and other stuff, and never saw the first grave marker.

I think it might have been kept up (at least some) until a tornado went through our area in 2011 and knocked a bunch of big trees over. The property owner said some folks went in and tried to clean it up a bit, but there was still a lot to be done . . . and I'm guessing no one has been back since. 

I don't have any family buried there. I don't even know anyone who has family buried there. The neighbor next door, who grew up in this area, and who knows the owner, said family members of the deceased have been in there at least occasionally over the years. He thinks it is probably the early settlers of our part of the county who are buried there. I had thought I might be able to photograph at least some of the markers . . . that isn't going to happen if I can't find them . . . and I don't know if the county even has a record of who is buried there. (I haven't checked with them.) There is no point in even going back there until this winter, when all of the leaves are off the trees, and the vegetation has died down a bit.

This is way too big a project for me . . . and I have no idea where to even start.

What are my options, and what are your recommendations?

(There are no photographs on FindAGrave, either.)

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