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Un-linking a transcription from a photo

Please create an option to unlink a wrong transcription from a photo.
Sometimes in transcription mode there are several different headstones gathered as one, and when I transcribe one of them it'll attach the transcription to all of them, even if I unlink the photos later. 

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This is a tricky problem to resolve and there are a few stategies you should know about.

1. Always check that links are appropriate before you start transcribing... As someone else pointed out recently the link button is hard to see when one is taking photos, and it is easy to get links where they should not be and no links when you think you did it.

2. When in doubt do not link, as it is easier to link later than to un-link, as you have found. 

3. If you unlink, you have to then go to the photo that was unlinked and edit that record by making detailed corrections to all the lines attached to that photo. You also have to then also edit all the records attached to the original photo(s). If it is only one or two, this can be very simple by doing what someone earlier called a fake merge.

4. Example, two unrelated people were linked and transcribed. Unlink their photos,  go back to the first one and edit the information for the second person to be an exact copy of the first person, and then refresh and open in Record screen and look for the Merge arrow. Merge and check that it is now correct. 

5. After you have merged the first person's records, open the second image in a new tab or window, and again, "delete" the incorrect information by creating a duplicate entry for the second person. Again, refresh and open the record screen and merge the orginal and the duplicate. 

6. If there are really multiple entries wrongly linked you can create even more of a mess by trying to merge too many things at a time. Just go slow and work on a few at a time. If you get a big mess (dozens of duplicate etc.) send a note back here with the URL for the links, and one of us more experienced volunteers will help you clean it up. 

7. I actually look for these in cemetery cleanups and enjoy sorting them out, but it was not easy to learn how to do it quickly and I will say that I have spent more than 1 hour just working on a single badly grouped cluster. Wish we had better tutorials on the blog for this kind of thing. I don't know that anyone would figure it out on their own. We used to have a "sort-of" tutorial for this back in the old Community, bu that is no longer available to us. Alas. 

Carry on, 


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I am in the situation that a block of photos I took were not clear enough. I have retaken them all and went to upload them and someone has already transcribed the bad ones. Now I can't get rid of them and replace them with the good ones. As the photographer, I should be able to delete transcriptions from my own photos so I can redo them with better photos.

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James, if you have not uploaded the new photos I would suggest that you send a ticket to BG support and see if they can just delete that group of images. If they are the only ones in that cemetery it would be easy to do, or if not,

maybe you can let them know the date that you uploaded and they might be able to search on that field to narrow down the choices. 

1. Make sure you give the complete URL for the cemetery,

2. Make sure you give the complete URL for several (3-4) of the images you want removed.

3. Give them the date(s) of the uploads.

4. If you think all the transcriptions were done by the same person, give them that username.

Hope this helps.


Somehow there is a photo for a wrong person on another gravesite.  I don't know how to create a ticket for this.  Can the photo be deleted.  thank you


I placed these back into transcription. These two graves should not have been linked...

Two unrelated photos became linked and I cannot separate them.  Can you remove the photo for William Wesley Miller from     

I will be happy to add that photo to the correct transcription which is here



@Nanette- I have gone into the records in question and it looks as though you figured out how to do this on your own. Nice Work!  These photos are beautifully taken and transcribed.  It also looks as though these links have been separated!

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