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Transcription filters

When I am transcribing photos, I usually set the Language filter to English. Even so, I often will get photos that are clearly NOT from an English speaking country (i.e. China, Belarus) or are written in Chinese, Hebrew, or other non-English languages. Why is this? I also will select the country as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia but will still have photos from other countries which I cannot read to transcribe. It is a waste of my time to continue to see photos which I do not have the skill set to transcribe.  I would rather see a message "no photos available" than to transcribe one picture, then have to skip through 10-12 nonEnglish photos before I find another that I can read and transcribe. 

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When attempting to transcribe, the program gives foreign countries to transcribe no matter how I set the choices.  Cannot transcribe languages I do not know.

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