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How do I add multiple people on memorials and why is this important to not skip over?

Believe it or not, I have gotten asked this question a lot lately! A very well meaning individual told me that war memorials and monuments with multiple people were too hard, so they often skip them. I have had others ask if they should photograph memorials and monuments with multiple names. 

Let me tell you a short and simple story that may change your mind about these monuments and memorials. My family all fought for the South during the American Civil War. Three brothers in one family were serving in the Georgia 55th during the duration of the war. My 3rd great-grandfather was a doctor and got really sick with tuberculosis from serving his men. (This would eventually take his life less than 10 years after the war.)  He was sent home on furlough to recover. His two brothers were captured at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee in 1863 and taken to Camp Douglass in Chicago. After feeling a bit better, my ancestor ended up being one of the medics at Andersonville in the South. Three brothers spent time in POW camps, one as a captor, and his brothers as prisoners. 

Sadly, the youngest brother Thomas Newton age 22, died at Camp Douglass due in part to the horrendous treatment these men received. How did I know that he was buried near the camp? Because a memorial was made in an adjacent cemetery listing the name and unit of those who died in the camp. 

I found his name listed as one of those who had died in the Georgia 55th. This was on a monument that a photographer had captured in a cemetery. I had only recently uncovered this information last year in 2017. How grateful I am that a well meaning photographer captured this data, as Thomas was missing in action in our family tree and I had no idea what had become of him. 

Many war memorials and monuments are the ONLY record a family might have of the last location of a loved one. Are they sometimes long and tedious? Yes, but they do make a HUGE difference for those searching for lost family members. Uncle Thomas is no longer missing in our family, because of the kindness of a photographer.

How do you add more than one individual on a headstone? It's simple you just click the blue add person box in the transcribe photos box. By doing this, you also add an individual's life information profile for each person on the stone. 

Long yes...but very rewarding!

I have just finished transcribing a war memorial plaque and afterwards, on checking, found that some of the people are already on the site but with just Initials, not full names, and the record relates to the burial site. Can these two or three entries be combined, and if so, how. Many thanks. 

I would just add individual names in the add person function.

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