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**Automatic name capitalization override?-GI-T

Is there a way to override the automatic capitalization in Name fields when transcribing -- and if not, could I request it? Many Hispanic and German names have all-lower-case parts (as María del Carmen or von Trapp), and it's a real nuisance to have to go the the search site to make the necessary corrections. Thanks!

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I already asked for this override to avoid the capitalization feature, but untill now no asnwer from the support desk.

This nuisance could lead to my leaving the volunteer work (and others) since forcing bad metadata is bad as a whole.

This is the first I have seen of this, and will be reporting this at our team meeting tomorrow. Feature requests are not instantaneous, and could take a while to develop. 

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Thank you, both for your acknowledgement and for your passing the request on! :)

AYoung:  such a change in data-entry behaviour is just a matter of changing field properties/characteristics.  A good database administrator changes it in 5 minutes.

Yes, but I am not a database administrator, nor do I make these types of decisions. 

I will try to pass it along again...

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