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Why are there more photos on my phone than on my account on the website?

I had a group of family members travel with me in June 2018 to many cemeteries in rural Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. We used multiple phones under my account. Because they were in rural locations and we are all on a limited data plan, we turned off the auto upload. When we got back to our hotel with wifi, I went back into the app, clicked on the photo button, scrolled down and clicked upload photos in each device.

We flew back to Utah, and when I got into my account I noticed photos missing. I was heartsick!  However, I went to each individual family member, clicked on photos scrolled to the bottom and noticed that not all of the photos had been uploaded. Oops!  Apparently, you must stay in the app and wait until all of the photos are uploaded before leaving the app. 

I went to each phone and watched them being uploaded to the website before leaving. I logged into the site and my photos were there!

Tip of the day...if your photos are missing but are on your device....make sure you have uploaded them all!

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