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Headstone in the Street


I uploaded a headstone using the App, but the gps coordinates are messed up by the nearby wall and trees. It shows in the middle of the street. It is the headstone belonging to Esteban Gonzalez Roel Family. I am attaching file with pictures. The correct place is right next to the other Roel Headstone pin, of Rolando Hoyt Roel. Headstones are side by side. The headstone in the street is south of the Rolando Hoyt one


You can easily put the marker pin back into its correct location:

1) Go to the Grave Site map

2) Select the Edit icon at the top right corner (the pencil icon)

3) Click on the pin and drag it to its correct location

4) Click on the Save icon (the disk symbol, second from the right top hand corner) and it's done!

You can edit this in the record screen yourself.

 Go to:

for more detail steps. 

When you have done the edit and think the pin is where you want it, be sure to reload that record and check the pin placement. Sometimes the tug does not "stick". 

Reply back here with the URL of the person if you need more help.


Thank you so much

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