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How do I transcribe my own images? Why do I keep seeing languages other than English?

Why can't I just do my own transcriptions?  Why do I keep getting other languages other than English? This is so frustrating!

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In order to keep your 14 day transcription date, you must choose the option "Transcribe photos" before uploading them into our system. This prompt comes to you in the app when you go to upload it for the first time. I know this feature works at least for the iphone, as I used it just in the past 10 days. 

We have more transcribers than picture takers. It is unfortunate but true. Our site is much like a child's Easter egg hunt for adults. When photos are released to the public, many people pounce on them at once especially if they are in English. (We have more English speakers than any other language.) At any given time in our pool, we have a limited amount of English transcriptions, when they are gone, our system is set up to release other languages. This is not a break in our system, just an unfortunate happenstance with too many transcribers trying to get in a certain amount of transcriptions per month. 

I too struggle with this just like any other person.  I recently took a trip from Utah to Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. I took over 2,000 photographs and now after being held for 14 days they have been released to the public. Some of these are being transcribed well, others, not so well. I am a bit of a control freak and want my transcriptions to be "perfect", as I am also a genealogist and prefer things to be on multiple websites for the general public to view. 

Here is what I do.  I go back over those that were already transcribed by others and fix their errors, and add these into *FamilySearch with links so that my work will be available to a world-wide audience. How do I keep in my own album?

Click View My Profile, Choose one of the cemeteries I have contributed to. Click on the picture, (Do Not click on the Cemetery name as this will take you to the cemetery page.) If you click on the picture it will take you to the album associated with that cemetery. Click on the first photo, transcribe it. Go back to your album in the previous tab, and choose another photo and transcribe it....or check for errors. Very often, if I fix the entire transcription of the "general public" I get credit for the transcription anyway! I rarely look at the public pool, as I am always fixing my own transcriptions.  Other ideas are to add relationships, stories, military information, or family photos to the life information page. 

* At any given time I have three tabs open on my computer. Two in BillionGraves and one in FamilySearch. Why do I choose FamilySearch? Because it is free and works on a world-wide tree where I can help others searching for their loved ones. (This is specifically for those who know how to use FamilySearch. If you are unfamiliar...give it a try, an account is free!)  When I find an individual whose headstone is on the tree, I place a link to BillionGraves in as a source and give people the URL of where they can find the photo. I open up the transcription tab in BillionGraves and list the FamilySearch Personal Identification Number in the green box if it doesn't already match with our system. (This is mainly for people who love to help others who are not in it for "the stats"  I used BillionGraves for years  without worrying about making a monthly quota as I had a free account and am not concerned about quantity, but quality! )

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