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Replacing bad photos

Is there a way to replace a photo on someone's page?  I took a better photo of a grave and would like to substitute it for the original one I posted.  Thanks!

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Go ahead and add your new better photo and merge the records. If you really want BG to remove the older photo you will need to send a ticket to support, with the URL for the image (not the record) and the record URL, and why you think that photo should be removed. In the past, BG has taken the position that they prefer not to remove older photos unless they are truly inappropriate or have absolutely no value. Older ones can be valued if they show the grave in a different view, or the condition of the stone has changed since the previous photos. 

And thanks for caring enough to try to get a better photo. I with I could get back to some of the places where I took bad ones long ago (bad lighting, glare, etc) and take good ones. Alas someone else will need to do those in future. 


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