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I'm just going to put it out there that I don't find the new format of the community forum conducive to community involvement.

a) I've noted a lot of the regular posters don't post anymore.

b) Many posts now go unanswered.

c) The Discussion headings limit discussion ie Volunteer, Research, Feature Requests etc.

I think it makes a good 'go to' area as a pseudo 'self help' help desk, but its lost that BG community, peer to peer feeling.

Just my thoughts,

Cheers Jim

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In this day and age of hacking and invasion of privacy, we as a team had to rethink the "Community Forum".  We wanted to keep our users safe from the harm that can sometimes come from using a "Community" feature without getting rid of this feature all together, as so many other websites have done. 

We are sorry for these changes, but at the same time this newer feature allows our users the ability to post to a community without the fear of hackers gaining access to private information. 

A.- Many of the previous posters might be unaware that this feature exists. It is unfortunate but true.

B.- I am trying to answer as many posts as possible; however, these often come in multiples for me as people post both here and send me tickets through the help desk to solve issues.  (I try to solve personal issues through the helpdesk.)

C.- If you can think of other headings we are happy to add these if there are many posts to them. We are matching up the discussion headings to features on the website for clarity. 

So sorry about the loss of the peer to peer feeling.. Most websites have gotten rid of community boards altogether. We knew that our users still like to talk to each other, and we like having this feature.  However, as the safety and privacy of our users is at the utmost importance to us, we had to make a compromise.

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