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My profile shows no photographs uploaded

I am a newby.  Yesterday i uploaded over 200 photographs to the cemetery I adopted. Where are they? My profile shows 0 photographs uploaded.  This is quite discouraging.  Or do I have wait for someone to trascribe them.  I could transcribe them myself, but where are they?  I am sure the photos were uploaded correctly.

Mystified and disappointed.     Allan (Finland)

There could be one of two problems here. 

If you took photos with the app you will need to make sure you are attached to the wifi or have data: login to the app, go to the main page, click photos, scroll to the bottom there should be a button that states the number of photos taken and upload. Click the button. Leave the app open and watch the numbers go down (this is uploading the photos to the website) When the button disappears, you will know that all of the photos are now uploaded to the website.

If you took photos with a camera, these are outside of what we consider "photos" on the website and are considered supporting records. We still love these too, but we prefer to have photos taken with the app as they will also have GPS markers on them so everyone can see where they are located. When you take them with just a plain camera, no one knows for certain that the photo was taken there, they have to trust the user who placed them in that particular cemetery that they are there. This is what sets our website apart from others out there.  

I have now uploaded and transcribed 40 DSLR images successfully in low resolution and these are now classed as Veterans photos. Because "these are outside of what you consider photos",  is this the reason why they are not recognized in my profile as uploads and transcriptions?      Allan

These should be listed under Supporting Records, as this is what they are when photos are taken outside of the app. 

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