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My own transcriptions Photos show with a question Mark

 hi, I upload a few pictures of headstones and did the transcription of them, but when I going to see on the search, the pictures appear with a question mark. Could someone explain.



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We are very different from our competitors as a website. Photographs taken with our app are considered primary sources on our website. Photographs taken and submitted outside of the app are considered secondary sources. Why is that you might ask?

When a photographer takes a photo using our app, the app uses GPS technology and creates pins in a cemetery. These pins show the exact location of a headstone within just a few feet.  Why is this important? Because you know for certain that this headstone is in the cemetery the photographer claims it is in.  For example, I visited a large cemetery within Northern California looking for the stone of my great-grandmother. I found this stone within 5 minutes, because a kindhearted volunteer had documented the entire cemetery using the app. I looked up my great-grandmother and walked over to her grave without the aide of a cemetery office. Had someone not taken the photo, I would have had to find a sextant, or pray that the office was open, or search an entire cemetery with thousands of headstones. 

Here is another scenario that happens all too often. I used Find A Grave looking for the headstone of my great-aunt. I made a special trip from Utah to Maryland anticipating that I would find that headstone exactly in the cemetery it was supposedly in. I walked an entire cemetery looking for the stone, spending a couple of hours to try to find it. The stone wasn't there!  This wasn't a small stone either, but a rather large monument that is still to this day listed in that cemetery.  I know that the volunteer had good intentions, but without a GPS pin, mistakes can happen, and as an avid genealogist with over 25+ years of experience they happen all too often. 

When photographs are submitted without GPS technology these are considered secondary sources on our site because we have to rely on the fact that a kind hearted volunteer is using their memory for the documentation of a cemetery. With the app we are relying on machines, computers and technology.  I have had many users state that their camera takes better quality photos. Here's an idea!  Take a photograph with the app for the GPS marking and add in photographs later with the camera. Either way, it is a win for research!

The question mark simply means that the photo is a supporting record on the website as the GPS marker can't be verified.  Sometimes, these are the only documentation a cemetery may have, as cemeteries like other things in life fade with time.  We desire all types of photos, but the prime driving force behind our website is documentation using GPS technology. This also  allows other users to find loved ones easily!

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