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I want to use photos from BillionGraves in my Genealogy. How do I do that?

First of all please read the terms of use found here:

What this states in legal terms is that you as a photographer have legal rights to the photos you take. When you share them with BillionGraves we also claim legal rights to the use of these photos. We allow people to use these photos for personal use as long as proper credit is given both to our website and to the photographer who took the photos. This is done by providing the URL for each record as a source cited. Unless you were the photographer, you are not allowed to use our photos on other commercial genealogical websites, as many websites will not allow their use with the watermark. However, we allow and encourage people to use BillionGraves as a source of their documentation for genealogical purposes on websites such as genealogical society sites, and other genealogical websites, as long as it is not used for printed resale or other distributions. 

I have traveled the country searching for the gravesites of my ancestors. I have an Iphone and have taken photos and set the tab in my phone to save to camera roll.  This allows me to share my photos with BillionGraves and it also gives me the freedom of using these photos

where and when I want, as I desire to document cemeteries for my children and grandchildren and others. I want my family to know where their 3rd great-grandfather who fought in the Battle of Chickamauga is buried, because I also want that GPS marker to show his exact location for his descendents. This will allow my family to know where everyone is after I am no longer here to tell the tales. 

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@Peter-The nickname is fine...

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How can I give a credit to the original photographer, unless I can contact them? Unless their nickname is enough.


@Peter-The nickname is fine...

I would like to use gravestone photos of our Hubbell veterans from your site in our Hubbell family publication which reaches about 400 family members. Total photos about 60. Is it sufficient to credit the site and the photographer? Do I need to contact each one for permission? Do I need the transcriber as well?

@hhubble-It is sufficient to credit both the site and the photographer on small scale family publications. Do not worry about the transcriber. 

So, I cannot use the photos for my genealogy research? Is that correct?

@Rebecca- These can be used as long as both the site and the photographer are cited in your research. 

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