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Can I add a cemetery that is on private land?

 Can I add a cemetery that is on private land, if I had permission to be there.


Yes!! We encourage cemeteries of all types.  If the owner will let you take photos on their property, we would love to see it!  Many  of the cemeteries where my ancestors are buried are currently on private land. I had to ask permission of the owner, and the photos turned out great!  Here are just a few:

would like to add the Smallpox Cemetery gravestones in Bolton Ma they are on private land off Sugar Road in Bolton near the overpass over Route 495

@ Roger I just added this into our database and placed the photo on the front page of the cemetery.  Here it is in our database.  Hopefully, I got the location correct, as it should now be ready to photograph.

perfect your dot is very close

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