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GPS not lining up

 The photos I am taking are not lining up to the actual headstones.   They are in the backyards of houses backing up to the cemetery, in a cemetery across the street, and generally shifted.  Is this normal?  I can't figure out how to at least move them to the right cemetery.  It is listed as the correct one, the pin is in a different one.

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James D - Please post a new message with the URL of the cemetery in question and let us take a look at your issue. Not sure  what you are seeing with the pin "bunched up", and why you don't think you can use the data? 



You can fix both of these issues yourself, or reply back here to get help.

1. Define the boundaries of the two cemeteries. If you are sure of the boundary of each cemetery, you can go to the cemetery web site, open the Cemetry Information edit screen, and draw the boundary by dragging the corners/dots of the polygon into place.  Do that for each of the cemeteries, and refresh your BG website.

2. To correct the grave pin locations: Go to the cemetery page and enlarge the map showing the pins. Where pins are seriously out of place, you can open that person/grave record, and go down to the Grave Site edit screen. Open that and drag the pin to the place that you think it should be. Be sure to save after each pin movement.


One of "my" cemeteries has all the markers bunched together in one quadrant and you cannot use the data to find anything there. It is right out in the open and would have nothing interfering with the GPS connection. How can I fix this?

This will happen when the GPS signal is not strong in the area you are photographing. For the issue with the wrong cemetery you will need to give the URL to customer support, as this is usually a problem with cemetery boundaries. One or more cemeteries without boundaries can often cause a mix up with the pins. When a boundary is set, the pins tend to go into their proper location. 

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