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Cannot Link Image of Last Name marker to each individual marker

I have not found a way to link a single image of a last name marker for a group of graves (such as "SMITH") with multiple individual markers in the family group that individually do not have the last name (such as "John 1900-1940" and "Mary 1901-1950").  If I link the "SMITH" image to "John" and then try to link it to "Mary", the link disappears to "John".  Any suggestions?

If you send in a report to customer service giving the name of the cemetery and the individual markers you would like to link, they would be happy to help. 

Lynch: This is a common issue in a lot of cemeteries in my area, where there are large family plots, with only one Family/Surname Stone and a group of smaller head or foot stones in a row or in a cluster around the family monument. Even when one is careful to try to link all the smaller associated stones, sometimes one or more get uploaded as singles, and when they are transcribed by someone who is not the photographer, it does not get done correctly.

This is my procedure when I get this situation doing cemetery clean/up corrections:

1. Find the isolated family/surname stone and link it to at least one of the head/foot stones. then search around and find all the others associated with that surname stone and link them as well. You may find that you get a bunch of duplicates if more than one person has been transcribing in that area of the cemeteryj. One reason can be that the small stones are not in the same row as the big stone and if one or more people are "mowing the rows" the images will not be in sequence. 

2. Once I have linked and bunched as many as I can find, I open the record in the old transcription screen where I can see a lot of records at once. It will show various duplicates, some may be incomplete transcriptions. 

3. I usually try to start with the oldest male (or female) and cleanup all his duplicates - make sure the spellings and dates are exactly the same then click of the first instance and open him in regular record screen. it should show a merge arrow, so then click that and merge all instances of that person into one record.

4. Repeat that with next oldest female (spouse?) as needed. If one of the head/foot stones says Mother or Father with no given name I enter it that way in the given name field with the family name as usual. Very often, with a little digging I can find genealogical documentation of their actual names. Sometimes only Father's name is on the big stone, and that is a help to find the names of the others in FamilySearch or other sources. 

5. If there are not any Birth/Death dates on the stone, you will not be able to make these duplicates merge, so pick a couple of obviously wrong year dates as temporary placeholders and be sure to delete them once you done with the family group. 

6. If you think you are still missing images for someone, close the records, and open the Cemetery browser and search for that surname - there might be another one or two that are duplicates you did not find the first time around. I often have to go back and forth between browse screens, adjacent graves and even try visually searching the sequential cemetery photos at the bottom of the cemetery screen. 

7. Obviously someone is not likely to go so far during regular transcription, but that is what I do to consolidate these family group monument situations. 

8. If you can't or don't want to learn how to do that, just send a URLs of the cemetery page and the records for a few people in the group and ask that staff or someone like me takes a look at it. There are several other users that I know for sure can do this more complicated editing. It is not actually that hard; just tedious to get it cleaned up. 

And, thanks for caring to get it right if you can.


Thank you so much for your clear reply, which helps me to understand how to deal with this problem and also helps me to better understand how to navigate the portal, and so I will be better prepared on my next genealogy field trip.  For the data that I have already collected, I have gotten great help from the staff for this issue as well as others. Having your procedure in mind before I visit the cemetery will be a great help.

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