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Finding any graves in USA with Hurlburt as last name

Looking for generalized graves with last name Hurlburt or York.  Could be in New York, Connecticut, Montana and South Dakota

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I saw your other post but thought I would reply anyway. The name Hurlburt has about 1900 listings in the BG search system. 

1. The search engine is very specific. You have to start with the concept that "less is best". 

2. If you know the first name, say its George, just put in Geo. and see what returns. Same with the surname. Try alternate spellings.

3. Narrow down to specific states, counties or cities where you think they are buried. 

4. If you know from a death certificate or family records search that cemetery carefully. Use any possible spellings of both surname and given names. 

5. As Anna Young said in the other post, it may also be just that no one has yet taken photos of your particular Hurlburt family members. In that case, if you know the exact cemetery, you can enter a photo request on the cemetery home page. 

6. If you are a regular BG user, you can also put the Hurlburt name in your "notifications" settings, so if someone does transcribe one, you will get a notice. 

Good luck, Donna

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