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Onsite transcriptions lost


I have transcribed onsite pictures (in ios app) for a new cemetery, which showed transcriptions well until uploaded. After this however transcriptions seem to be lost both in phone and server (accessed through the website). Had created around thousand records I guess, now being a bit worried that this all work has got lost.

Any ideas if and how this data could be restored?

When I clicked on that link, it went to the group of images, but the URL was not showing the cemetery page, whichis where  you have to be to transcribe. 

The URL and BG number for the actual cemetery is:

Go there and you should be able to access your own images from transcription now.


Hi! That would be good to check, if possible, thanks! The URL should be: The pictures have been taken with phone (iOS) app.

Reply back here the the full URL for the cemetery in question. If you took the photos within the BG app they should be somewhere in the system. If you took them with a regular SLR camera and upload, they will not show up as new records but as supporting records, and there will be ?? marks in the cemetery browse results. 

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