What are Supporting Records? What is the difference between primary and supporting?

This was submitted to me by a user on the forum. She had submitted many photos, but they were not showing up in searches. I felt that this was a question asked by A LOT of people, so I will place the answer I had for her here: 

I looked at your account.  When you add photos using the app, such as the ones you took in Memorial Park Cemetery, these are the primary records we use for our website. When these were taken, a GPS marker was placed in the cemetery at the location where the photograph was taken, giving other users the opportunity to walk into a cemetery and find their family or loved ones, in minutes!  

When photos are taken outside of the app these are considered supporting records on our site. Photos you took in Ridgewood, Sacred Heart, and Woodlawn Cemetery are these types of records.  These are still searchable within the cemetery, but not on the main search engine for the website as these are considered secondary sources.  You might ask why we do this.  The simple answer is that we want people to be able to verify records and locations within a cemetery. This is what sets our website apart from others out there. You don't have to merely trust that the photos belong to a certain cemetery, you know for sure due to GPS marking! I have travelled all over the United States taking photographs of family members simply because I want the exact location of burial known for future generations.  Plus it's taken me to beautiful remote parts of the country!  

How can you tell if a record is primary or supporting? BillionGraves has made this easy.  When you go to a main cemetery page, scroll down all the way to the bottom. You will see the images associated with this particular cemetery. Images bordered in grey are primary records. Images bordered in orange are supporting records. 

On the main cemetery page, we only count the primary records for the image count. At some point this may change but for now, this is what the counter is for. 

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