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I'm finding markers with "infant", "baby girl" or "our beloved twins"

I found a section of a local cemetery dedicated to children.  It's heartbreaking.

My issue is that some of this souls only lived a day or two and were evidently not named.  I'm finding many Baby Girl Smith,  Beloved Son of John & Susan O'Hara, and Our Twin Girls Hussman.

Do I just use Baby Girl, Infant, Son & Twin 1 & 2 or should I leave the first name blank?

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I would type in Baby Girl, Son & Twin etc.. This makes it easier for researchers to find. 

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While AYoung is the BG expert here, I have gotten into the habit of typing these 'non-names' in brackets.

So "(Baby Girl) Smith" - will, in any alphabetical listing, come first for first names because of the '(', rather than under 'B'.

Since most of BG's listings are by surname, it would be "Smith, (Baby Girl)", but it would still be the first of the Smiths.

If the marker has had that 'non-name' as part of its permanent face, then it's possible/likely? that other records (death certificates, for example) are using that 'non-name' also - and so researchers might be looking for "baby girl smith".

They'd find it here, with or without the brackets.

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